LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included
LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included
LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included
LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included
LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included

LN-EXO (for iPad Air 4th and 5th) *iPad not included


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NO Refunds !!!! Read everything below. This is for the new/current iPad “Air” 4th/5th gen ONLY!! If you are not sure…don’t order one. Contact us first. 

Contact us for lead time and prices. These are done in limited small batch runs and built under contract.


For Group/Fleet Contracts for full mobility packages, Training, Consulting Contact Us with details



Custom machined, hand Cerakoted...Lead Times Vary!!! (1-3 weeks)

**You must sign for delivery of this item so plan accordandly once tracking is received. Prior to shipping I will be contacting you via phone to verify your address and to determine you are in fact... a real person...with a brain. These are limited runs and in high demand. I reserve the right to determine if I then want to ship you one of these and if I decide not to for any reason...I will refund your order. Sorry...I've had problems in the past with folks and these are custom made, limited quantity and plenty of other folks want one who know exactly what they are getting.



The LN-EXO is our Elite, rugged and mountable mobility enclosure for the iPad.  

This will mount and protect the iPad Air 4th and 5th Gen (2022 model) *iPad NOT Included

Designed, prototyped, jigged, CNC aluminum machined to tight tolerances, tested and hand prepped and sprayed with a Cerakote ceramic finish. Built and sold for our professionals via contracts and now in small batches for individual purchase.

There is a Love and Hate with making a tablet case like this. We love seeing the design come together and the chips fly once we start cutting them out. We hate that we only have a 3-4 month sale window prior to starting the process all over again...with the next iPad release...

It ain't cheap...but those who manufacture and/or own one...know why. Only made possible by what we do and who we work with... It is the best tablet enclosure out there...Period.

After a two year break in doing so, we proudly present, the LN-EXO (Mark 6 Mod 0) designed around the iPad Air 4th and current 5th Gen.

Designed, Prototyped, Machined and Finished in House...in America...by actual Americans. Operator Driven with a Veteran Backbone.

*Patents Pending


Mounting Options

- Direct to a Custom Dash (Bolt on/Bolts included)

- AMPS Bolt pattern (for use with mounting options such as RAM Mounts)

*Recommend RAM Mounts "C" Size Balls and Arms. From there you can mount practically into anything. Air, Sea or Land. RAM Mounts



- Case to fit the iPad Air 4th and 5th Gen (2022 model) *iPad NOT Included

- Power Block to protect the cord connection (made to fit snug on the Mophie cable/NOT included/You can choose to add the USB A to USB C cable and the Direct to battery USB HUB recommended for Race vehicles)

- Slick Option comes with all the nuts and bolts to either Direct Dash and or Mount a RAM BALL "C" to the back. You can either get your own RAM Ball or order it already mounted as an option.


Recommended iPad

- iPad Air 5th Gen / Cellular+Wifi model (the Wifi ONLY iPad does not have built in GPS. See our GPS antenna video on You Tube and Training page) / 256 gig (64gig would be fine for basic GPS use but storage could get tight) / APPLE CARE! (Protect your Investment)  Go Get it Here


Tech Specs

Size -  11" x 7 3/4" x 5/8" Length (with power connector)xWidthxThick (Slick with no Mount)

Weight - 1.23 pounds (Case Only)

Environment - Dust and Water Resistant / We operate in rough environments and we built the EXO's with pretty tight in tolerances. With proper prep to the power cord/buttons...we've "dunked" these into some serious Silt and Water. However, we always recommend Apple Care on your devices for any serious water damage or screen breaks you may experience...but the EXO's have taken iPads... into some seriuosly harsh environments over the years...

Suggested add-ons 

Power Cord - Recommend the Mophie USB-A to USB-C cable 

Power Source - Recommend the MotoPower 3.1 wired directly to battery


Cerakote Ceramic Finish

We hand prep and finish these units in Cerakote (E and H series), which adds a great deal of protection and heat reduction as a ceramic coating over past Anodizing methods. This has greatly increased performance in our desert environments as the case itself does a much better job at NOT overheating. While the iPad can still "time out" if left in the sun in extreme heat, once you start moving, the EXO design won't add to that problem. By design, the iPad will cool pretty quickly when moving, without the case adding to the problem.

We choose to use a Standard Gray and Black color combo on these but you can Custom these out if you choose with any Cerakote color available UNDER SPECIAL ORDER. 

H Series Color Options <


 For custom fleet or group builds, Contact Us for options