USB Outlet 3.1Amp Direct Power (to Battery)

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 14.00 


After 3 years of searching for a direct power cable that could communicate well with the higher demand of the iPad Retina displays....we found it!

Cigarette adapters are great in commercial vehicles or for average use but can often vibrate and cause issues in the off-road environment. Leading to the iPad throttling down its power intake forcing the iPad to lose power (NOT CHARGE). 

Switching to a direct line in option is highly recommended for rugged use. Combining this direct power line with a stock Apple charging cable is your best option! (Ruggedized Apple cables and the kits to do this yourself are available in our store)


  • Input Voltage: 7-30V; Output: 5V, 3.1Amp. It can charge just about any phone, Tablet, GPS, camera, etc.
  • Water proof cover to protect internal circuit.
  • With special mounting design, it can be mounted to amost any surface with tape, zip ties or screws ( hardware not included)
  • 7.5Amp fused protection and SAE quick connectors to connecting to your existing battery tender pigtails.
  • Cable length about 51 inches totally: Cable A - 4" + Cable B - 47". 8mm ID Ring Terminals


Here is a video covering the importance of running the right power system to keep everything charging