LN-BLOWOUT - Satellite Comunications and Group Tracking package

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 1,530.95 

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Built to fill the need of our remote teams operating and coordinating "off the grid"

Ruggedized, Deployable and built into a mobile "Grab and Go" package. If you are going to run your Iridium GO! in the field and not just from your desk...you will want the LN-BLOWOUT.

These pouches contain a lot of power in a very small package!

Adding portable world-wide satellite communications and peer to peer real-time group tracking to everything LEADNAV GPS already has to offer  

Can be custom built for each group, area of operation and/or event. 

1-3 week build time - Contact us for current lead times on bulk orders



- Iridium GO!

- LN-GO CNC Machine aluminum enclosure

- MOLLE Camo pouch

- Ruggedized cables

- Slick Slap antenna puck (can be stuck on roof/pouch on dash)

 Does NOT Include

- Satellite Service (to run our Group Tracking we highly recommend a Iridium Unlimited Plan under a year contract to provide the unlimited data needed to run Tracking - see our service)

- Our Group Tracking Subscription (available for purchase in the LEADNAV GPS app - see Settings > Purchases > for monthly and yearly pricing. These are auto renewing Subscriptions BUT "cancel anytime". So if you do the monthly, you can subscribe, then unsubscribe before the next renewal or end of your trip)

Additional Enterprise Solutions

We can supply these packages in conjunction with our private map and data hosting capabilities. Giving your units direct access and the ability to plan and execute based off your updated information. 


Contact us for capabilities, build times and quote!