Ruggedized Power Cable

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 60.00 

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The only dependable cable we have found is the stock Apple cable that comes with your Tablet or Smartphone.....period...

That being said you cannot run it stock in the harsh environments that we all operate in.

This is a ruggedized by hand, stock Apple power cable with braided sleeve and military grade adhesive heat shrink added for a snug fit into a LifeProof Nuud Case charging port.

Available in the standard 1 meter length cable that comes with iPad or .5 meter (half) 

You can also order the "Ruggedize your own power cable kit" to do this yourself! 

Note - A little heat and shaping may be needed to provide fitment in your case.... but we have done this a few it will be close!

 *Add a high output 2.4amp Scosche dual usb plug for your cigarette adapter


Here is a video covering the importance of running the right power system to keep everything charging