LN-EXO Gen 3 - Case and Cradle


$ 1,450.00 
Available for pre-order


The fully redesigned and improved third generation run of our LN-EXO case and docking cradle system for the iPad. 

This current public model is custom machined to fit the iPad Air 3 (Bulk contracted runs available for other devices)

Custom machined billet aluminum 


This is a Pre-Order item and a chance to get in on our first public release batch on the new model!


Please be patient as we want to make sure this first batch is perfect for you. Because of this we will be putting out that it will be an 8-14 week lead time. However, we are hoping we can get these out the door a lot sooner within our new Machining facility!


Limited supply is available as these are typically custom built, small batch, for our larger contracted builds. 

However, with the totally new Gen 3 design and our new machine shop capabilities, we look to continue scaling production for more of these individual purchase opportunities!



  • Case for the iPad Air 3

  • Docking Cradle with the built in Power Block and 1 meter ruggedized Apple charging cable



  • Actual iPad Air 3

  • RAM Ball for cradle

*Discounted pricing available for our larger contracted full mission packages