LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 Online Course

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This is the same curriculum we teach and train day 1 during all of our courses. It is the core foundation of LEADNAV and the starting point for everything else we do.

If you are new to LEADNAV and have questions on our LEADNAV GPS application….


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 1 - General Overview

- We will show you around the app display and give you a run down of some of the initial settings

- GPS file organization in Collections/Folders


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 2 - Markers

- We will define what it is we call a "Marker"

- How to utilize the Marker Dropper interface

- How to plot someones position utilizing a Marker

- How to Share your position utilizing a Marker

- How to navigate to a Marker


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 3 - Tracks

- We will describe what a Track is and how to Record one

- Track Stats


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 4 - Routes

- We will show you how to build and RUN a Route

- Basic terrain study utilizing multiple map types for Route building

- Sharing a Route file


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 5 - Map Imagery

- We will talk about prepping and storing offline background map imagery

- The difference between the In App Subscriptions for saving out background map imagery

- Pro Pack "Save along Route" feature


LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 - Chapter 6 - Other Settings

- We will go through the remainder of the LEADNAV GPS settings and options


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