LN-EXO Gen 3 - GPS Package (Caged Vehicle)


$ 2,843.68 $ 3,243.68


    This is a Pre-Order item and a chance to get in on our first public release batch on the new model! (2-4 week build time/contact for rush options)

    Small Batch

    • These are limited availability for individual purchase outside of our larger contracted custom builds.
    • They are discounted with a standard flat black type 2 anodize base coat.
    • If you would like to add a Cerakote finish top coat or get a system coated in a Type 3 Hard Anodize, you can contact us for additional pricing and color options.

    Cerakote Color Options (see here)


    LN-EXO Gen 3

    The fully redesigned and improved third generation run of our LN-EXO case and docking cradle system for the iPad. 

    This current public model is custom machined to fit the iPad Air 3 (Bulk contracted runs available for other devices)

    These are limited run custom built packages for online public purchase.


    Tablet Included

    • iPad Air 3 - 256gb, wifi+cellular model with Apple Care
    • LEADNAV GPS application available in the Apple App Store (not included)

    Mounting Options

    • Direct Dash (may require customizing your dash for docking cradle to mount and function)
    • Cage Bracket (Small, Large)
    • Arm (Small, Medium, Long)

    GPS Antenna

    • XGPS160 with X6 case (flat velcro dash mount)
    • XGPS160 with X6 case and X6c cage adapter (for roll cage)

    * USB power cable included

    Also Included

    • iPad/EXO case and cradle assembly with ruggedized 1 meter power cable (make a note if you would like the shorter .5 meter cable)
    • Antiglare film installation


    About the LN-EXO Gen 3

    This is a custom machined aluminum case and docking cradle manufactured here, in house, in the USA. 

    There are no other case and cradles out there with this level of quality and precision.

    Perfectly form fitting the iPad and held in place by the actual bevel of the iPad itself with our front gripping rail pieces, we pushed this Gen 3 to the limit of machine tolerance.

    This precision allowed us to eliminate the use of foam inside the case itself, not only greatly slimming down the overall size and bulk of the unit, but actually increasing its dust and water resistance. This is now done by utilizing optional vinyl adhesive tape to totally seal off the iPad itself versus the bulky foam that could allow moisture and dust to creep past it.




    Limited supply is available as these are typically custom built, small batch, for our larger contracted builds. From these builds, a few extra units are built and made available here for individual order.

    However, with the totally new Gen 3 design and our new machine shop capabilities, we look to continue scaling production for more of these individual purchase opportunities!


    Custom Hardware Terms / Returns

    Our custom manufactured packages are built to order with no refunds upon shipment. These are machined in house in limited runs and hand built and tested for fit.


    *Discounted pricing available for our larger contracted full mission packages