LN-EXO Gen 2 Custom Case and Cradle (for iPad Pro and Air 10.5)

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 1,450.00 

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This is for the LN-EXO Gen 2 case and power docking cradle by itself.


This model is custom machined aluminum and built for your iPad Pro or Air 10.5" with a type 3 (Mil Spec) hard anodize.

Built limited run in small batch and for large group orders.

This is Limited supply and an opportunity for those not ordering bulk packages to get a hold of an LN-EXO for your own build.


For a complete Pro vehicle package click on the below link



*Shown with iPad Pro 10.5 and antiglare installed (see product pics of mounted option examples in direct to dash and RAM Mounts configs)


Or for a custom order contact us for availability through email or the quote form.


Born from decades of experience operating in extremely harsh environments...

This is absolutely the highest grade case and cradle on the market!

Built specifically for mobility platforms requiring rugged protection...Sea Air and Land....up-armored vehicles, planes, overland, pre-runners, boats, UTV's, desert racers, and all others operating professionally off the grid.


Machined metal

Type 3 (Mil Spec) Hard Anodize

Offering direct dash mount for custom builds or RAM mount compatibility (Bolts included)


Splash resistant

Detachable from Cradle for daily use (Not splash resistant when not in cradle)

Locked in USB power supply built into cradle. (built in and installed)

New Gen 2 offers improved functionality and adjustable tension power block

* iPAD and Antiglare screen film NOT included


This order requires a 5-12 day build time before shipment (Contact us for Rush pricing)


See our complete Pro packages for fully built and ready systems



 *Outer Cradle Dimensions for the Direct Dash Mount option is  12"x8"




This is for a custom built product. No Refunds.

We will cover basic defects in this case but not extreme damage to the case or cradle caused by heavy impact....crash...running it over with a truck....flooding....

We always suggest Apple Care when buying a new iPad!!!!

That being said the LN-EXO will provide the absolute best "reasonable" chance of survival in harsh environments....

Highly recommend adding a Tech Armor Anti-Glare screen film/protector!



LN-EXO Gen 2 units can be built for any unit and are typically custom bulk order with a 8-12 week turn around on any make or model. Check for minimum unit requirements.

Typical Pre-Order

LEADNAV Custom billet OEM products are custom built in bulk runs for our military, law enforcement, fleet organizations and racing teams. From these runs we will stock a few in our store for individual purchase.


For group runs or if we list the EXO as available for preorder you can expect anywhere from a 8-12 week turn around depending on the quantity or item. 


Contact us for bulk orders and minimum quantities!!