2019 Mint 400 - GPX File

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 10.00 


This just the 2019 Mint 400 GPS file provided by BITD that has been fixed and race prepped with the standard BITD Dangers inserted into the Route file. 

*prepared by LEADNAV.


You can always import any GPX (Garmin) file type directly into LEADNAV from the event organization themselves...then convert their Tracks to Routes...clean them up yourselves utilizing our In App Subscription to Pro Pack by editing the route files with Waypoints. See our Community Forum and Website Support section for How To's.


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We are not responsible for the accuracy or any changes made to this event!!! We do not work directly with the race organizers and this is only our interpretation of the course. It is up to you to confirm its accuracy and attend all race meetings for updates.

You can totally do this work yourself utilizing LEADNAV and the PRO Pack!!!

This is not something we typically provide but because a number of folks pointed out to us how jacked up this specific race file was...we decided to put our time into fixing this. 

Please remind the race organization the importance of handing out a clean GPS file as this greatly improves the experience but safety for those participating in this event.


Thank you






- Prepared GPX Collection Repaired the backwards Route file and segments and inputted the Danger list from BITD 



Not Included

- Topo/Satellite Map Imagery Background  See our LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 course now available online here to learn how to prep and save this.