2022 Vegas 2 Reno - Race Package
2022 Vegas 2 Reno - Race Package
2022 Vegas 2 Reno - Race Package

2022 Vegas 2 Reno - Race Package


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This is the 2022 Vegas to Reno Race Package prepared by LEADNAV. (Lots of flexing going on with the weather and rain. Make sure to check with BITD for any updates!)

- Race Package file is BASIC prepped ONLY (We only cleaned up this race file and did not hand jam in any of the Dangers that they provided. They are only displayed visually. If you want to get navigation and audio/visual notifications of any of these, you will need to Edit the Race Route and hand input any Waypoints that you want to see and hear come race day.

What you get

- The BASIC RACE PACKAGE has everything you need to to hit "RUN" on the Route (WITHOUT Audio/Visual Waypoints. Read Above)

*Racing is dangerous...it is up to YOU to verify these course notes, update them, pay attention to the folks running the event and run a safe race at your own pace. This is only our "at home" interpretation of what the race organizers made available. 


  • GPS Collection with the Basic Race Route (this is a GPX file and could be converted to run in any GPS unit)
  • Background Satellite Map Imagery file around the course
  • Background Topo Imagery file  


    • iPad or iPhone with the proper specs and storage 
    • LEADNAV GPS app
    • Advanced or Pro Subscription (Pro is recommended for racing)
    • Internet good enough to download and import the map files as they are large



    Do I need this?

    No...LEADNAV has all the capabilities within it and its subscriptions to plan out and prep these race files yourself. You also have the ability to save out and borrow the background map imagery you need on each of your devices using the Pro Subscription prior to leaving on your trip.

    Then why do I want this?

    If you do not have the time or patience to clean up the race file, this will give you that starting point prior to pre-running/entering in the Waypoiunts you want to hear/see (recommended) or enough to simply RUN the Route file come race day for basic visual notes.

    We also save you the time of prepping out and storing your offline background map imagery on each device by doing this for you, running our computers for several hours to build you a single file for each that you can download one time into your device/team devices. 

    How to use this

    *Example based off the Baja 1000 but is the same

    - Import the GPX file straight into LEADNAV as a new Collection

    Edit, Pre-run, Run/Race these as per tutorials

    - Download the MBtile files and import into LEADNAV

    - Toggle on the Overlays you want to use (If you try to toggle them all on at once it may run sluggish/crash.

    *Race Day I would suggest turning them all off and choosing "None" as your map type for optimum performance and a nice gray background to allow you to see your notes.

    Also, Delete your entire map cache and any other race overlays to avoid problems!!!

    These are large gig files, so we recommend you download them onto a computer first directly to your iPad/iPhone if you have solid internet. Do not touch or bump the device while doing this. Let it download.

    When successful you may need to reboot LEADNAV but you can go into LEADNAV > Settings > Map > and down at the bottom these will show as Overlay files.

    Since you will not have internet or cell coverage, we recommend you choose "None" in the map menu as you will not be using any of those. Then toggle on the Overlay background maps individually as you want to use them to prerun and/or race. 

    If you have any problems downloading and importing this you can reach us at



    READ THIS!!!

    We are not responsible for the accuracy or any changes made to this event!!! We do not work directly with the race organizers and this is only our interpretation of the course. It is up to you to confirm its accuracy and attend all race meetings for updates. This is our interpretation of this event and it is totally up to you to verify it is accurate and to use it at your own risk.

    You can totally do this work yourself utilizing LEADNAV and the PRO Pack!!!

    This is something we generally provide under contract for direct support and you are only authorized to download this package to your team devices with this single purchase. Not authorized for distribution outside of your team.

    *Violations to these terms will terminate your future purchasing and use of these packages

    - No Refunds, If you do NOT understand what this is...don't buy it








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