X6 Case/Mount for the XGPS160


$ 104.00 


Patents Pending


------------ Actual XGPS160 antenna NOT included ------------


This is our first launch of custom hardware using SLS Additive Manufacturing. 


With supply shortages and costs of Manufacturing rising, we used this "down time" to look at new ways to rapidly design and prototype our hardware going into the future. 

We landed on Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) as it is a rapidly growing industry with new innovations coming out as we speak to not only utilize it for prototyping but for production runs as well. 

These parts are currently made in our small shop, using (SLS) to sinter Nylon 12 GF (Glass Filled) into an extremely strong, temperature resistant case and mounting solution for the Dual XGPS160 bluetooth antenna. 

Benefits over our traditional aluminum cases

- Increased signal strength with less blockage from an all metal enclosure (almost double the satellite lock)

- lighter weight with almost a 75% reduction compared to the same aluminum X6 enclosure and cage adapter


We designed an interchangeable mounting system (patents pending) to easily allow you to swap out between cage, direct and slap (velcro) mounting options. You can order this case with one or multiple options.

- Cage comes with a large Zip Tie that fits all diameter roll cages.

- Direct comes with mounting hardware to drill it into your dash, hood, roof, etc

- Slap comes with a Velcro adapter and a 3M velcro to stage where you want it.

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The material can withstand an extreme amount of heat which should be plenty for desert off-roading in a caged vehicles etc. However, like the antenna, iPhones, iPads, other electronics, batteries, dogs and babies, it is not a good idea to leave these things baking inside of an enclosed vehicle in the dead of summer. This current material used, can go well above, that threshold of what a vehicle interior would probably get too...but it's better to not push it for the other fore mentioned things, listed. 


If you break this under reasonable circumstances, or there is a break due to a flaw in the part itself, we will look at this and most likely send you a replacement...within reason. If you went through an entire race season with it...destroyed your car every other race and had to totally rebuild it...then we may ask you to buy a replacement.